Link it to League

Welcome to League of Blogging!  This week, I have been assigned to link League of Legends to the play I read in class, Romeo and Juliet.  The first link I found was strategy.  In Romeo and Juliet, the friar’s plans weren’t that good.  The first plan ended up needing a 2nd plan to fix the mistakes made from the 1st plan.  The 2nd plan ended up getting Romeo and Juliet killed.  In League of Legends, if you’re plans are as bad as the friar’s, you will lose the game.  If you are good at strategising then you will have a better chance at winning.  A second link I found was communication.  In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet didn’t communicate with the rest of her family about her love for Romeo and the fact that she married him.  the friar also wasn’t able to communicate his plan to Romeo so that ended up with Romeo killing himself and Juliet following him.  In League of Legends, if you fail to communicate your plans or what is happening, your team won’t be able to work together because they have no idea what the other teammates are thinking.  If you can communicate better you have a better chance at succeeding.  Just like how if Romeo and Juliet told their families they loved each other, they probably wouldn’t have had to suicide.  That’s all I could find for this week.  See you on the rift Summoners!


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